The Real Dill is the Real Deal

Colorado Proud is about to get real. This Denver based company has brought Colorado innovation to one of the oldest forms of food preservation. The need for pickling is no longer about preserving out-of-season food but a complex art of balancing spices, seasonings and endless savory flavors. The Real Dill left traditional pickles behind, determined to create the best gourmet pickles with a modern twist. Their recipes use simple and pure ingredients that, when combined, create a unique taste unlike any pickle you’ve ever had.

Like all great local food, The Real Dill has humble beginnings of two friends just enjoying the craft of customized pickle recipes. They spent two years developing their favorite recipes, made their debut in farmers markets last year, and now offer five deliciously unique flavors, available in stores and restaurants throughout the state.

If there was such a thing as a pickle rut, The Real Dill is the one to get you out of it. You no longer have to settle for boring, parchment wrapped pickles because the closest thing they make to traditional pickles is their Habanero Horseradish Dills, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the kick of flavor. Their recipes balance the traditional dill taste with new and remarkable ingredients, harmonizing flavors to make these exceptional handcrafted artisan pickles. They are all beautifully packaged in glass jars to reveal exactly what makes these pickles so special. There are no secrets and no hidden flavors, just 100% natural, high-quality ingredients made with love. Every jar is packed with herbs and spices, soaking in a perfect blend of garlic, peppers, horseradish, caraway or a handful of other complementary flavors that make each recipe unique.

Visit The Real Dill on Facebook and you’ll find vibrant images of their ingredients and packaging process and see the passion put into each jar. They are the kind of local company that Colorado can be proud of, putting smiles on pickle lovers’ faces all over Colorado.

To find more fine Colorado products statewide, visit the Colorado Proud website. The Colorado Department of Agriculture developed Colorado Proud in 1999 to help consumers, restaurants and retailers identify and buy Colorado food and agricultural products that have been grown, raised or processed in Colorado.