Spice things up for Cinco de Mayo

There’s no denying that Colorado has a flair for excitement and adventure. With the weather getting warmer and Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we have a lot to celebrate. If you’re looking forward to grilling outside with tasty snacks and cool drinks, we’ve got some savory jams and jellies that are sure to bring out your spicy side. Hacienda Maize describes their jalapeño and hot pepper jellies as Unapologetically Delicious™ and before you even reach the bottom of the jar, you’ll know exactly what they mean.

Hacienda Maize is a Colorado company that will bring you a food experience like nothing you’ve ever had before. The Maize family has been preserving the rich taste of chile peppers for three generations, and in 2010, they founded Hacienda Maize to share the love. Exceptional taste is what they live for, and it shows in every delicious jar.

These jellies may seem simple, but every jar packs a one-of-a-kind flavor, each more complex and exotic than the last.  This Colorado Proud company loads its products with fresh and organic chiles harvested straight from local Colorado farms. They have perfected the preservation process so that you can truly taste the fresh bold flavors of the chiles in every bite. Each pepper used is hand-picked, and you know you are getting the best product because they only use the best ingredients. The vibrant colors you see are all natural, reflecting each unique blend that is bursting with chile-pepper flavor.

Hacienda Maize offers three amazing Fire-Roasted Jammin’ Jelly flavors, so there’s something for every heat preference. From the milder Mira Sol Verde to the fiery Jalapeño Diablo, these jellies will definitely light your fire.

The delicate balance between fire and spice can add zing to your cooking experience, too. Hacienda Maize offers some of their favorite Jammin’ Jelly recipes or you can spread these spicy treats directly on your favorite crackers.

To find more fine Colorado products statewide, visit the Colorado Proud website. The Colorado Department of Agriculture developed Colorado Proud in 1999 to help consumers, restaurants and retailers identify and buy Colorado food and agricultural products that have been grown, raised or processed in Colorado.

 Photo courtesy of Hacienda Maize.