Talbott Farms


Harry, Bruce, Charlie and Nathan Talbott

Some of the apple trees on Talbott Farms have had roots in the earth since great-great grandfather Joseph Evan Yeager planted them in 1907. Since then, the farm has grown to include crops such as peaches and grapes, in addition to apples. Year after year, the farm’s mission to “produce value from the land” is realized when satisfied Colorado residents and tourists alike bite into a juicy peach, or take a sip of their sweet and tangy apple cider.

The farm is currently owned and operated by Harry and his sons, Bruce, Charlie and Nathan. 110 years after their great-great grandfather planted the first trees in their orchard, Bruce, Charlie and Nathan are a part of the 5th generation of Talbott farmers. The history of Talbott Farms, and the quality of the crops they produce, have instilled a love of sweet summer peaches among generations of Coloradans. For more information, visit http://talbottfarms.com and find them on Facebook.

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