Proctor Produce


Brooke Proctor

Brooke Proctor, her husband  Matthew, and their four children operate a true family farm on their 500-acres, growing cantaloupes, watermelons, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, hay, wheat and corn. Firm handshakes with customers and fervent stewardship of their fertile land bind the Proctors to their ag ancestors by more than genetics.

Proctor Produce farming dates back to 1887. Currently, with more than 38 years of farming experience, Matthew and Brooke Proctor own and operate Proctor Produce. Their cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelons are hand-picked in the fields of Rocky Ford, Colorado, to be packed and shipped by Hirakata Farms. They supply cantaloupes, honeydew and watermelons to major grocery chains including King Soopers, Safeway and Whole Foods.

Good agricultural practices, coupled with a strong work ethic, assure that future Proctor Produce generations and the nutritious crops they produce will long remain assets to both the broader Rocky Ford ag community and to consumers. For more information, visit and find them on Facebook.

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