Join us on the Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey! – Colorado Day

Colorado Proud kicked-off the Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey on August 1 to celebrate Colorado’s 140th birthday and Colorado Proud Month. What a perfect combination!

Colorado Proud members, government officials, agricultural experts and the community gathered in front of the History Colorado Center, to launch the Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey – a month-long, historical and interactive trek through Colorado’s agricultural landscape. Speakers included Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, Don Brown; executive director of History Colorado Center, Steve Turner; Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association representative, Adrian Card; Safeway Denver division president, Todd Broderick; Centennial Farmer Jamie Yantorno from Center Greenhouse; Petrocco Farms owner, Kate Petrocco; Proctor Farms owner, Brooke Proctor; and other farmers and growers.

The Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey, scheduled from August 1-29, integrates agricultural communities, celebrates farmers and ranchers, and educates and influences consumers about the lifecycle of locally grown produce. Celebrating history, heritage, education and support for the local food movement, the Journey moves from Denver to Colorado Springs, Dillon, Durango, Fort Collins, Frisco, Grand Junction, Hotchkiss, Littleton, Yuma, and then back to Denver – visiting farms, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, festivals, schools and other community events, with seeds (literally!) of information about Colorado-grown fruits and veggies.

Colorado Day was the perfect jump start to our month-long journey, combining Colorado agriculture, heritage and communities in one place. Check out what events we will be at next here, and be sure to catch us while you can!

Hope to see you along the way!