Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey

Welcome to the Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey

Join us for the month of August as we dive into the journey behind our delicious Colorado fruits & veggies!

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The Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey is a month-long, historical and interactive trek among Colorado’s agricultural landscape, to link the stages of locally-grown produce and connect Coloradans to local farmers. Scheduled from Aug. 1-29, the Follow Your Fruits & Veggies Journey integrates agricultural communities, celebrates produce farmers who help our state thrive, and educates consumers about locally grown produce. The Journey moves from Denver to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Durango, Frisco, Dillon, Yuma, Littleton, and then back to Denver – visiting farms, grocery stores, farmers markets, agricultural events, festivals and schools, with “seeds” (literally!) of information about Colorado-grown fruits and veggies.

Check out where we will be stopping this August:

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