Celebrate the Weekend with Golden Toad BBQ

Have you ever passed a restaurant and the smell made you close your eyes and your mouth water? There is nothing more tantalizing than the smell of rich barbeque sauce and savory spices fusing together over hot coals to make your stomach growl. What’s even better is when that delicious smell envelopes your own backyard as you grill up your favorite meats and veggies.

With a little help from their signature Shrimp Bombs, Colorado Proud member Golden Toad Sauces and Seasonings quickly becomes a favorite BBQ vendor at local events. When they fire up their grill, you can feel the positive energy that comes from a passion for fine meat and great sauces. You can see them in action this weekend (June 13-15) at the Frisco BBQ Challenge where they are sure to draw a crowd.

What’s that you say? Once you’ve had one BBQ seasoning, you’ve had them all? Any Coloradan will tell you that grilling is a big deal. The process is more of an art than an exact science and Golden Toad is a BBQ pioneer.

Put on your aprons and get your spatulas ready because we have something new for the griller in your family. The boys of Golden Toad are true grill masters, competing nationwide and are ready to share their secret ingredient with you for the first time ever.

Your recipe may have your special touch—a dash of rub here, a smother of sauce there, even the grill marks will be unique—but you should never go without Golden Toad’s all-in-one seasoning blend that will set the foundation to make your BBQ great. Their award-wining Colorado Proud sauces made by hand are always accompanied by this amazing BBQ rub that they lovingly call “Shake the Toad.” This can conquer chicken, ribs, beef, pork or even seafood. Not a meat eater? Try it on grilled veggies, baked potatoes or to spice up a Bloody Mary. We promise you won’t go to any cookout without it!

They began their heavenly journey to hand crafted sauces and seasonings in the early 90’s with a chipotle pepper sauce that was just too good to keep to themselves.  The product line grew as word of their tangy jalapeno smoked pepper sauce got around and they’ve since created some of the finest flavors you can only dream of.

Golden Toad donates a portion of its proceeds to the Children’s Hospital, Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation, The Denver Zoo and many military charities. With their slogan “Saving the Planet One Tongue at a Time”®, you can feel good about something so tasty.

Golden Toad is one of more than 1,900 Colorado Proud members who offer products and services to keep you and your family well and happy. The Colorado Department of Agriculture developed Colorado Proud in 1999 to help consumers, restaurants and retailers identify and buy Colorado food and agricultural products that have been grown, raised or processed in Colorado. To find more Colorado products statewide, visit the Colorado Proud website.

Be sure to try a Shrimp Bomb this weekend!