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Produce Challenge Tips

Submit a winning photo (and have fun doing the challenge!) with the help of these handy tips and tricks!

  • Ask permission before taking a photo of people you do not know and avoid photos of children altogether.
  • Use interesting composition. Try shooting from a new angle to give the photo dimension and perspective. Consider appropriate lighting and mobile camera filters to add pizzazz.
  • Make sure your photo fits the contest theme.
  • Look for inspiration from other photographers to get a sense of the kinds of photos you can create with local produce.
  • Get a second opinion of your photo. The more feedback you get, the more you grow and improve so you can submit the best photo possible.
  • Promote your photo on your personal social media sites. Copy and paste the link to the contest on your Facebook, Twitter, blog etc… and tell people to vote for your photo. Let them know what the prize is as well because they’ll be more inclined to help you if they know what they’re helping you win.
  • Vote, vote, vote–and tell your friends and family to vote!