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Monthly Archive: September 2013



September 2013

Spice up your life with Cosmo’s Spicy Ranch dressing


Who doesn’t love creamy ranch dressing? And who doesn’t love a little spice to liven up everyday eats? With Cosmo’s Spicy Ranch dressing you get both the smooth creaminess of traditional ranch dressing and a kick of spices to tingle your tongue. From carrot sticks to breadsticks, Colorado Proud member Cosmo’s Spicy Ranch just makes […]



September 2013

Add gusto to your guac with Gumbies Goodies salsa!


Next time you mash a batch of avocados for guacamole, blend in a glob or two of your favorite Gumbies Goodies salsa for an extra flavor pop that will make your guests gobble it up — if you don’t get to it first, which will take some willpower because it’s that good! Colorado Proud member […]



September 2013

Backpackers need great food, too!


Have you ever paused during a long, challenging hike, bike ride or climb only to reach in your backpack and find just a bag of . . . gorp? Not that we have anything against gorp, but your effort surely merits a more interesting reward, don’t you think? Backpackers Pantry thinks so, too. This Colorado […]



September 2013

September Recipe: Jalapenos


Peppers are plentiful in Colorado, especially in the Pueblo area where they are celebrated each year during the Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival, which will occur September 20-22, 2013. In addition to adding a spicy flare to recipes, jalapeños are also nutritious. They are low fat, sodium free and are an excellent source of Vitamin […]